fifth row

  I sit in Your house of worship on the fifth row The pastor preaches that Your word is a light that we should all follow Everyone claps in agreeance because they all know But my claps don't mean that through my actions, it's always shown   I sit in Your house of worship on … Continue reading fifth row


You Give Me

  I give You the broken pieces of my heart You give me the glue to put back all that fell apart I give You my failures that will never be enough You remind me of the love You have for me when things get rough   I give You my worries about the future … Continue reading You Give Me

I am Yours

I've wandered away from You more than once I've chosen to not acknowledge Your presence Choosing to make my own decisions was once my preference I have thought that I don't need Your guidance   I've made decisions without Your permission It's no surpise that I ended up in even worse condition Up until now, … Continue reading I am Yours