To the broken and tired

To the soul that yearns to be lifted higher

To the one who tries to make it on their own but their plan backfires

To the sinner with only one desire


To the wandering heart that was led astray

To the child who falls asleep on the front row every Sunday

To the parent who only sees their child on a holiday

To the heart who’s anxieties and depression weighs


To the one whom at the cross you glorify

To the one who is God’s child they identify

To the one who’s song is louder than their cry

To the one who feels like they’re barely getting by


To the one so blinded by their flaws

To the one who couldn’t possibly imagine God’s love at all

To the one whom in this world feels like a mere outlaw

To the one who feels they were dealt a bad hand and wants to withdraw


You are a child of God, fearfully and wonderfully made

God loves you in spite of the mistakes you’ve made

You are a creation from the great God above

Everything He’s done for you He’s done in love


You were made on purpose and for a purpose

This you should know for certain

His heart is always open to you, never shut

You must understand that He loves you no matter what


People can throw their sticks and stones

But they don’t know there’s power in your bones

Power to withstand any trial

And God promises that one day it will all be worthwhile


So, when you feel your heart can’t bear, understand that God is always right there

No matter how lonely you get, always know that you are in His presence

And when in the darkness you fade, remember:

You are a child of God, fearfully and wonderfully made



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